Find Tariff Rules, Records, and Regulations

Here you can display a list of Rules and Regulations according to your search criteria. You will get a list containing the Rule number, Rule title and validity.

Screen area: Search criteria

You can search for Rules and Regulations by entering several combination of search criteria:

Section: Tariff

You can enter a public tariff code to reduce your result list.

Section: Rules and Regulations

You can enter

    > a Rule,
    > a Keyword for the requested rules and
    > a Charge code to reduce your result list.

The ‘Base Date’ is a mandatory entry.

If you enter only the ‘Base Date’ and leave all other fields empty, you get a list containing all Rules.

Screen area: List of Rules

Find here the list of rules. It contains

  • Rule number,
  • Rule title and
  • Validity.

Button: View

To view the description of a specific rule, select the respective row and click this button.

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