E-mail solutions – Your most important updates. Straight to your inbox

You should always know what’s happening with your cargo. Transparency about your cargo flow gives you a competitive edge.

Our e-mail solutions provide you with timely, hassle-free, and customizable alerts in case of critical events in your shipping process. Get alerts that are important to you, direct to your inbox.

Solutions include:

  • Booking confirmation
  • Shipping instructions: eaSI mail
  • B/L and Sea Waybill
  • Load confirmation and Rate of Exchange
  • Vessel departure notifications
  • Schedule deviation notifications
  • Various tracing reports
  • Instant container tracing: GetInfo
  • Instant container specification (get tare weight): GetInfo
  • Arrival notice
  • Invoices

Want e-mail alerts? Contact your nearest Hapag-Lloyd sales representative.

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