Procurement Suite by Zycus

Hapag-Lloyd is continuously transforming and digitizing its procurement processes. This is supported by the implementation
of our procurement suite Zycus for selected categories. The suite is utilized for sourcing events, contract management, supplier management and purchase-to-pay activities.

Suppliers invited by Hapag-Lloyd receive an email from Zycus to register and activate their account.


Procurement Suite Supplier Account

Your Hapag-Lloyd procurement contact partner provides you with the registration guideline and creates your company profile with corresponding access rights. You will receive an automated registration request to verify your registration shortly after.

No email received to proceed with your registration? Please contact your Hapag-Lloyd procurement contact partner.

Forgot your password? You can use either the "Forgot Password ?" or the "Login with One Time Password (OTP)" option to generate a one-time code to login.

Sourcing Events & Activities

Please ensure to access the sourcing event with the same email address you are registered with. Not registered? Start the registration process using this email address.

In case you are still not able to proceed, please talk to your Hapag-Lloyd procurement contact partner.

Please get in touch with your Hapag-Lloyd procurement contact partner in charge (highlighted in the invitation).

After you have finalized your offer, click on “submit response”. In case you missed to provide any mandatory information, Zycus will immediately inform you.

Anyhow, after you have received the email notification “response has been submitted”, your offer was submitted properly.

NOTE: Please get in touch with your Hapag-Lloyd contact partner in case of content-related questions (e.g. choosing the right quantities, etc.).

You are not entitled to share the event with your colleagues. In case you deem this request absolutely necessary, please get in
touch with your Hapag-Lloyd contact partner.

Most likely, this is a fault. Please align with your colleagues to submit only 1 offer from 1 account.

The forum is enabled to provide you with all answers to your questions – the procurement manager in charge will be notified accordingly to support you during the sourcing event with relevant information.

Supplier Management

The supplier self-assessment is part of Hapag-Lloyd’s Quality and Environmental Management program. On a regular basis (at least
every 2 years), our important suppliers are requested to submit an updated questionnaire. This questionnaire covers multiple aspects of our suppliers (contact persons, QM system. Compliance, Health & Safety, etc. as well as purely operational parameters). All answers will be treated strictly confidential and allow Hapag-Lloyd to have an updated overview of the supply base.

If all or several supplier entities work according to the same principles and setups (i.e. their answers to the SSAQ would be identical), Hapag-Lloyd can accept a single SSAQ to cover all or several supplier entities. In this case, please get in touch with your Hapag-Lloyd procurement contact partner to clarify further details.

Due to several reasons, only 1 user can participate in the SSAQ. Please make sure to align internally first in case you can’t answer
all questions on your own.

Yes, answers can be saved.

Note: You can only complete the submission of answers once all mandatory questions are answered.

Please contact the author of the event and request a prolongation.

Note: Don’t email any answers to your Hapag-Lloyd contact partner, those emails can’t be considered.

Yes, Zycus provides an Excel download. However, only question types as follows can be answered without any problem offline: free text, numeric, yes/no and single choice (from drop-down lists).

Note: For multiple choice questions, we don’t recommend to use the download/upload functionality. However, if you prefer to
work offline, please pay close attention to the instructions provided with the MS Excel download questionnaire. Available options have to be viewed online and comments can only be provided in the online questionnaire as well.

Yes, for every question you’re able to upload optional attachments (up to 10MB per file) and free-text comments.


For any technical issues (page not loading, access denied issue, etc.), you can reach out to [email protected].

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