Ever wondered how LNG bunkering of our Brussels Express works? Here are some pictures for you!

Our Brussels Express was only commissioned in June last year. It is the world's first large container ship to be converted to LNG. The vessel's tank alone weighs about 1,300 tons and contains about 6700 cubic metres. But how is the liquefied gas actually refuelled?

When bunkering LNG, it is particularly important that the relevant safety regulations are observed and that the parties involved agree on them before, during and after bunkering. This is because the liquid gas is delivered at a temperature of around minus 162 degrees. In preparation for the bunkering process, the hoses and lines are flushed with nitrogen to ensure that there is neither oxygen nor moisture in the lines. The LNG is then refuelled by barge. During this process, these pictures were taken by the Brussels Express crew.

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