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Quick Cargo Insurance

At Hapag-Lloyd, we always take the utmost care of your cargo. However, we also know that things can go wrong during transport. That‘s why we are introducing Quick Cargo Insurance.

In order to obtain first-class cargo insurance coverage for your shipment, Hapag-Lloyd has brought Chubb, a leading global insurer, on board. Get your cargo insurance for selected countries in just a few simple steps via our online service.

The Quick Cargo Insurance pilot is currently running for cargo shipped from/to :

  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Finland
  • France
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • the Netherlands

In the following countries, Quick Cargo Insurance is currently available for import shipments only:

  • Chile
  • South Korea   

More countries will be coming soon.

Key features

  • Direct access to high class cargo insurance
  • Simplicity
  • Competitive pricing
  • Instantly insured with all required documents

Direct access to high class cargo insurance

Provided by Chubb European Group SE


Select your shipment, enter some additional information and receive your policy in just a few steps

Effective conditions under German law with up to € 2 million limit cargo cover

Competitive pricing

 Low insurance premium tailored to your cargo

Instantly insured with all required documents

Get Policy, Certificate and Invoice in just a few steps online

Platform accessible online around the clock

Hapag Lloyd AG is a licensed product accessory agent under German law. The insurance intermediary contract with the customer is subject to German law.


Hapag-Lloyd now offers instant first-class cargo insurance cover starting at € 28.


For a first guidance, please take a look at the two examples of calculations below.

  • Start of Shipment: Munich, Germany
  • End of Shipment: Detroit, USA
  • Commodity: Machinery (normal industrial good)
  • Cargo/CIF Value: € 25.000
  • Insurance Premium: € 33
  • Start of Shipment: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • End of Shipment: Tokyo, Japan
  • Commodity: Beverages (food stuff)
  • Cargo/CIF Value: € 50.000
  • Insurance Premium: € 105

If you would like to find out more about pricing, you can obtain a premium indication for Quick Cargo Insurance.  

  • Insurance cover exists for all risks to which the goods are exposed during the insured journey
  • Coverage is provided for transport under the Hapag-Lloyd Bill of Lading or Sea Waybill, including carrier’s haulage
  • Declarations are made on a case by case single shipment basis online via Hapag-Lloyd´s online platform
  • Storage during and related to the transit up to 60 days is also covered
  • Cover and reimbursement of recovery and / or disposal costs
  • Cover and reimbursement of removal and / or protection costs
  • Contingency and DIC insurance included
  • Certificate issued upon request
  • Pre-voyage and return goods are covered under the same conditions under Hapag-Lloyd´s custody
  • Money in cash / specie (banknotes / coins)
  • Authentic oriental and/or antique rugs / carpets
  • Glassware and porcelain / fine china
  • Fine arts and antiques
  • Watches and jewellery
  • Rare and valuable cargo (e.g. precious metals, gemstones, pearls, or products containing these items; bonds or other valuable negotiable documents)
  • Used furniture
  • Removal goods – personal effects / household items
  • Animal furs and fur products
  • Fresh food / foodstuffs in reefer containers
  • Live plants
  • Live animals
  • Blood and blood products, including blood plasma
  • Drugs (non-pharmaceutical goods)
  • Tobacco
  • Bulk commodities
  • Explosive goods (DG Class 1)
  • Radioactive material and nuclear fuel (DG Class 7)
  • Weapons and ammunition
  • Motor vehicles (automobiles / cars, lorries / trucks, motorcycles, etc)

You can access Quick Cargo Insurance also via the Hapag-Lloyd Mobile App.

In the event that Google Play is not accessible to you, simply download the app here.


Have a question? Please read our FAQs for more information.

Feature Releases

September 2021

Quick Cargo Insurance is now available for import shipments to European pilot countries.


April 2020

Updated Premium Tariff: Our premiums are even more attractive. Get premium indication now.


December 2019  

  • Quick Cargo Insurance is now available for reefer
  • Expanded insurance value up to € 2 million (max. € 500,000 per container), details see Fact Sheet
  • New Chatbot for an even better user support
  • Premium quotation obtainable in Quick Quotes

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