On the Review & Complete tab the information you have entered has been summarised which will allow for the details to be reviewed before submitting your booking request. If any of the details are incorrect you can select the respective tab and amend before submitting

Buttons: Edit ...

If you have chosen to amend any details under their respective tabs, you can do so by selecting the Edit button.

Button: Submit Booking

Select ‘Submit Booking’ to send your booking request to Hapag-Lloyd. This will be followed by confirmation of receipt along with your booking reference. These details can also be reviewed at  the 'Booking Received' tab.

If you do not want to submit your booking request at this stage, it will be stored under the  'List of Requests' page and can be located at the top of the table with all other non completed booking requests. From here you have the option to complete at a later date.

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