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Delivery Order Input

Please send attachments / commercial invoice / packinglist/ delivery documentss with Shipment or BL Number in subject line of an email to [email protected].

Please note that we cannot process your messages and attachments which are sent to us and do not contain a BL number or shipment number in the subject line. This may result in follow-up costs for you.

With your cargo planning in mind, we would like to remind you of the following steps for your containers' delivery:

  • Ensure that you have sent the original Bill of Lading to the Hapag Lloyd address indicated in your arrival notice.
  • Ensure that the respective payment of the amount specified in your invoice is paid. Physical checks or Cash Payment are not accepted in our offices.
  • Ensure that you are legitimized to give instructions to us, if you are not the consignee mentioned in the BL please send the Power of Attorney to [email protected].
  • Verify that the cargo has been cleared by customs. If you wish customs clearance by Hapag-Lloyd please follow this link Customs Clearance
  • If you require a chargeable T1 from Hapag-Lloyd, please complete the T1 data accordingly and send with BL or Shipment reference in Subject to [email protected] the commercial invoice, packing list. Please note that this is a chargeable service which we may decline at our discretion for certain types of goods.
  • Confirm if the delivery address is able to receive the container within the applicable free time. Pls find here costs for Waitingtimes, Multistopps, Customs Inspections, Heavy weight Surcharges and T1 Services and extra fees Local Charges / Service Fees
  • To find the Last Free Day of your shipment please visit the Import Overview section of our website.
  • To find the applicable tariff freetime please visit the Detention & Demurrage section online or click on the following links: Detention & Demurrage
  • If you would like to get costs for a Carriers Haulage Transport please click on this link: Inland tariff
  • Rules for Weight Limitations for all mode of transports Rules & Regulations


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