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Export Customs Declaration

HM Revenue and Customs new export system (NES) is operational in all maritime ports in the United Kingdom. The implementation of NES has a significant impact on export procedures as an export declaration must be submitted to the HM Revenue and Customs system CHIEF (Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight) computer. All shipments must now receive a positive clearance from HM Revenue and Customs before they can be loaded and leave the UK Frontier.

If you would like Hapag-Lloyd to submit an export declaration on your behalf, we require you to complete, sign and despatch this form to us no later than one working day (Monday to Friday) prior to the vessel’s advertised close-off time.
Any incomplete or unsigned forms will prevent us from making the declaration thereby preventing the export of the shipment.

Hapag-Lloyd will not accept responsibility or liability for any loss or damages incurred due to shipments missing their intended vessel if we are unable to submit the declaration due to insufficient or inaccurate information, late notification.

If you require Hapag-Lloyd to submit an export declaration to HM Revenue and Customs on your behalf, please complete, sign and then send all sections of your Export Declaration information to Hapag-Lloyd (either by fax to 020 8507 4193 or electronically to [email protected]).

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