France - Port omission due to ongoing strike

Due to the uncertainty linked to the ongoing strike situation in France the following vessels/services will be omitting the port of Le Havre to avoid port stoppages, tug strikes, terminal congestion and saturated trucker power:

All export cargoes currently located at the port of Le Havre will be shifted to the first available vessel and we are looking for alternative solutions to evacuate these units as fast as possible.

All future bookings will only be accepted on vessels, which are scheduled to call Le Havre. Our customer service booking team will confirm the first available vessel to you.
We are currently seeking options to evacuate import cargoes located at congested terminals to an off dockyard.
For import units, which had to be discharged in alternative ports, we will be terminating the containers in these ports as per clause 18.

Please get in touch with our Customer Service import to have your containers released accordingly.


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