User Guide: Shipping Instruction Details

在装运指示(Shipping Instruction)相关的屏幕您会发现一份完整的装运指示清单,罗列着特定货物的所有订舱记录。它包括每一份提单提交的所有装运指示。最初提交以及再次提交的装船指示(更改件)将有序地显示在您所递交的信息中。


Note注意:只有通过eaSI形式递交的装运指示能够再次打开(提交方式通过“eaSI 邮件”或“eaSI在线”)。



Screen area: Details


Here you find the booking number and the customer reference of the booking you are viewing the Shipping Instruction details for.

Button: Shipment Details

Click this button to view the details of this shipment.

Button: Download New Form

If you want to create a new Shipping Instruction for the displayed booking you can download here the respective prefilled eaSI form to fill it in and send it to Hapag Lloyd.

Note: After sending the filled eaSI form to Hapag-Lloyd it may not be shown immediately at the table. It will be added as soon as the data has been reached the Hapag-Lloyd system successfully.

Screen area: Table information

Table 1 - Drafts:

This table shows you all Shipping Instruction drafts the users of your company / organization have created for this shipment.

Drafts are PDF-documents for Shipping Instructions that you have saved to complete them later.

Button: Process Draft

When selecting a row from this table and pressing the button 'Process Draft' the PDF-form with your 'saved as draft' information will be opened. You can now fill in all remaining necessary data and submit the form as a completed Shipping Instruction to Hapag-Lloyd.

Table 2 - submitted Shipping Instructions:

This table shows your submitted Electronic-Advanced Shipping Instructions which are waiting to be processed at the Hapag-Lloyd systems. The Shipping Instructions will removed from this table as soon as they will be processed at the Hapag-Lloyd systems. Then, you can find them at the table 'Shipping Instructions received by Hapag-Lloyd'.

Table 3 - Shipping Instructions received by Hapag-Lloyd:

This table shows you all the Electronic-Advanced Shipping Instructions received by Hapag-Lloyd.

Column: SI Status

Describes the current state of the Shipping Instruction. Possible states:

  • Create B/L  (Shipping Instruction was submitted initially in order to create a B/L)
  • Change B/L (Shipping Instruction was resubmitted in order to change the B/L)

Column: Bill of Lading No.

Find here the Bill of Lading number after the Bill of Lading is created by Hapag-Lloyd.

Column: Received at Hapag-Lloyd

Shows you the date at which your submitted Shipping Instruction was received by Hapag Lloyd.Note: After submitting your Shipping Instruction it will take a while until the internal data processing has finished.

Column: Submission Channel

Shows you at which channel the respective Shipping Instruction was submitted to Hapag Lloyd, e.g. Web, EDI, Email, Fax.

Column: User Id

Displays the user who submitted the respective Shipping Instruction. This will only be shown if the column ‘Submission Channel’ shows ‘Web’.

Button: Open Submitted Shipping Instruction

If you wish to review or resent an already submitted Shipping Instruction, select the respective row at the table and click this button. It is also possible to save the desired Shipping Instruction for later use as a template for further Shipping Instructions.

Please do not use already submitted forms to resend same for a new Shipping Instruction.For this please use the template function of the form. Find more information on this in the template section of the User Guide.

Note: Only Shipping Instruction can be opened again that have been submitted via the Hapag-Lloyd website (Submission Channel = Web).

Note: For security reasons you can only open Shipping Instructions that where initially created by you or someone from your organisation.

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