The 'Schedule Subscription' service provides you an option to request regular updates of schedule information per fax or e-mail. You can define your schedule information per service or per region by clicking the respective button.

Once you have subscribed for regular schedule updates, you can also view it here and delete or update it.

Screen area: 按航线查询

If you decided to request regular fax or e-mail information for a specific Service you can now choose the desired Service from the drop down list. Please select also the direction you require.
If you mark ‘Port Selection’ you can define the ports you want to get the schedule for. If you do not mark it, you will get the schedule for all ports of the selected service.

Screen area: 按地区查询

If you decided to get regular fax or e-mail information for a schedule between preselected regions you can select them from the drop down lists. You can also mark the check boxes ‘Port Selection’ if you like to get your schedule information for selected ports of that region.

Screen area: 按港口查询

Here you can select the ports of loading and the ports of discharge for which you want to get the schedule information for.

Selection list: Available Ports of Loading / Discharge

Choose your ports you want to see at your schedule. You can make several selections at once.

Button: Add Selected Ports

With this buttons you confirm your selections from the selection lists above.

Field: Selected Criteria of Loading / Discharge

Here you can see all defined ports for your schedule.

Button: Delete Selected Ports

You can delete ports from your list by using this button.

Screen area: 传真 / 电子邮件方式

Here you can define the modality of your schedule information.

Entry field: Days Prior

Fill in the number of days you want to get the schedule information for before todays date.

Entry field: Days in Advance

Fill in the number of days you want to get the schedule information into the future.

Checkboxes: Cut Off/ Pick Up/ Doc Close

Decide wether your schedule shall contain the Cut off date, pick up date and document closure date.

Checkboxes: Direct ports only

Decide whether your schedule shall contain all ports or only direct port calls.

Selection field:Frequency

Choose here the day at which you would like to get your schedule report.

Checkboxes: Send via

Decide here if you want to get the schedule information per e-mail or per fax.

Selection field: Format

Select the format of the sent data if you have decided for the e-mail option.

Button: Add report to list

When clicking this button your report information will be stored and the report will be sent regularly to you according to your definitions.

Screen area: 我已订阅的船期表

At this list you can find a summary of all your subscribed schedule information. You find the name of the report as well as the delivery information. To view more details and to update a report select the respective view and click the button 'Details'.

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