Customs provides you the possibility to monitor & proof your customs declarations. You will find all relevant customs and advanced filing systems.

First you could decide if you would like to obtain information for Export or Import (default).

You may just press find or you could reduce your selection via Advanced Search using as a filter the HL Booking Number, Documentation Number, Container Number, your Reference, Customs Reference, Arrival/Departure Location, Vessel Name, Voyage Number, Customs System and a Date Range of the Vessel Arrival/Departure as a filter.

  • Click Find
  • Select the row you would like to get more information.
  • Click Details.

Depending on the Customs System and the status of the filing of the customs declaration, the Details could show different information:

  • Customs Bond Facility
  • Submission Day
  • Customs Code
  • Customs Remark
  • Selffiler
  • External Document
  • Clearance Location
  • You could flow by clicking on Cust. References to see more references and submit them.
  • Information about Vessel you obtain by clicking on Vessel.
  • By clicking on My Shipments you will see further information for your shipments.
  • If you need information about your Shipment you could click on Shipment and you will get Shipment Details.
  • More information of your Import you could find by clicking on Import.
  • You need just information about Tracing, click on Tracing.
  • If you want to obtain information about WebVGM click on webVGM.
  • If you need information about Electronic-Advanced-Shipping Instructions, click on eaSI.
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