EMAO Trade

EMAO Trade

Your Benefits:

Oceania (Europe - Oceania (vice versa))

  • We offer weekly and direct sailings from North Europe and the Mediterranean to Australia and vice versa
  • Extended port coverage via transshipment hubs in Asia to major ports in Northern Australia (including Brisbane) and New Zealand
  • Own network of complementary services connecting various ports in the Baltic Sea and Scandinavia as well as the Mediterranean and Black Sea
  • Specialized in moving out-of-gauge and break-bulk cargo
  • High reefer plug capacity and reefer expertise

Intra Europe

  • Reliable weekly services directly connecting North Europe with the Mediterranean and Black Sea vice versa
  • Connectivity via North Europe from/to Baltic States, Scandinavia and Russia with own short sea network
  • Own service network in the Mediterranean linking the Strait of Gibraltar to the Black Sea, from Southern Europe to Northern Africa and the Levant
  • In the Intra Med trade HL offers 1,200 port-pair combinations by either own service or in cooperation with well established operators
  • Local expertise with a wide network of our offices and agents

Africa (Import & Export)

  • Regular, reliable and direct own service covering major ports in North Europe and West Africa
  • Global connectivity from/to West Africa via Tangier, Algeciras and North Europe hubs
  • Weekly direct service covering major ports in North Europe, Asia, South America and South Africa
  • Advanced inland haulage product within South and West Africa as well as bordering countries

Hapag-Lloyd's EMAO Trade Product 2017

An overview of Hapag-Lloyd's EMAO trade product.

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