Regional Updates in Europe

Operational and Customer Service Updates for Europe

Despite the challenging circumstances, we are grateful that our employees in Europe are safe and sound. The majority of them are working from home.

Terminal Operations​

All terminals are operating.​

Railway Operations​

All services and ramps remain operational with a few exceptions.


France: Rail terminals are working slower due to reduced staff  

Truck Availability​

Business as usual​ with a few exceptions.


Hungary: Limited freight border crossings affecting deliveries via terminals DUNAJASKA STREDA and CUNOVO REJKA; a surcharge of EUR250 will be charged for all transport via DUNAJSKA STREDA - MILHOSŤ – TORNYOSNÉMETI (Miglecnemeti – Tornyosnemeti)

Austria: Delays anticipated when entering/leaving the country due to additional health checks

France: Cross border traffic from/to Switzerland terminated until further notice

Barge Availability​

Business as usual​ with a few exceptions.


France: Greenmodal barge does not call SEAYARD at Fos anymore. Barges are not allowed to operate 24/7 anymore, currently operate with reduced capacity for only 10 h/day


Business as usual.

Customer Service

Business as usual. Reach out to your local customer service representative here.

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