Regional Updates in Europe

Operational and Customer Service Updates for Europe

Terminal Operations​

All terminals are operating.​

Railway Operations​

All services and ramps remain operational with a few exceptions.


France: Rail terminals are working slower due to reduced staff  

Truck Availability​

Business as usual​ with a few exceptions.


Hungary: Limited freight border crossings affecting deliveries via terminals DUNAJASKA STREDA and CUNOVO REJKA; a surcharge of EUR250 will be charged for all transport via DUNAJSKA STREDA - MILHOSŤ – TORNYOSNÉMETI (Miglecnemeti – Tornyosnemeti)

Austria: Delays anticipated when entering/leaving the country due to additional health checks

France: Cross border traffic from/to Switzerland terminated until further notice

Barge Availability​

Business as usual​ with a few exceptions.


France: Greenmodal barge does not call SEAYARD at Fos anymore. Barges are not allowed to operate 24/7 anymore, currently operate with reduced capacity for only 10 h/day


Business as usual.

Customer Service

Business as usual. Reach out to your local customer service representative here.

Vessel updates and port changes per service

Far East Loop 2 (FE2)
  • Ad hoc call in Pusan (KR) for the following vessels:
    • MV One Tradition V. 018W -> ETA Pusan October 31, 2022
    • MV Al Muraykh V. 020W -> ETA Pusan November 4, 2022
    • Terminal details for loading at Pusan:
      Hanjin Busan New Port Co. LTD
      118, Angol-Dong
      51609 Jinhae             

Far East Loop 5 (FE5)

  • MV YM WELLNESS V. 032W will be calling Wilhelmshaven, DE to minimize the waiting time for your import cargo.
    Estimated Time of Arrival at Wilhelmshaven: October 22, 2022.
    • Cargo transshipment to ScanBaltic destinations
    • Carrier haulage solutions from Wilhelmshaven into Central European final destinations
    • Hamburg export cargo will be loaded as planned
    • Terminal details:
      Eurogate Container Terminal
      Ozean-Pier 1
      26388 Wilhelmshaven

South Africa Express (SAX)


  • Mehuin V. 224S will start her rotation in Rotterdam on November 15, 2022. In Rotterdam she will call at ECT Delta terminal in Rotterdam and in in Bremerhaven at MSC Gate terminal.
  • Santa Clara V. 224Swill start her rotation in Rotterdam on November 15, 2022, and thus, swapping her position with MV Mehuin V. 224S
  • There will be no sailing on week 48 from Rotterdam due to MV Santa Isabel late arrival from South Africa. Therefore, the schedule will be moving one week starting with MV Santa Isabel V. 225S with ETA in Rotterdam (NL) on December 6.


  • MV Santa Clara V. 224N will omit Cape Town, South Africa. Imports will discharge in Walvis Bay, Namibia (ad-hoc call) for further connection on MV Mendelssohn V224N to final port of delivery
  • Santa Isabel V. 224N has swapped with MOL Proficiency V. 224N and is currently at anchorage in Durban. With the berthing delays at Durban, there will be a week's buffer that will move MV. Santa Isabel V. 224N for a week.
  • MOL Proficiency V. 224N has started her South African rotation and is currently alongside in Coega
  • Kalahari Express V. 224N has ETA in Coega on November 8, 2022.

  • Phase-in/out
  Vessel Name Estimated Time of Arrival Port
Phase-out MV Santa Rosa V. 223S October 26, 2022 Cape Town, South Africa
Phase-in MV Mehuin V. 224S November 15, 2022 Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Indian Ocean Service 3 (IO3)

  • Phase-in/out
  Vessel Name Estimated Time of Arrival Port
Phase-out MV Cosco Japan V.099W November 12, 2022 Mundra, India
Phase-in Cosco Vietnam V.087E December 1, 2022 Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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