Regional Updates in Middle East & India

Updates on the impact of COVID-19 in Middle East & India

+++ last update: April 21 +++

Summary about current situation:

  • Curfew continues in UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Sri Lanka, while lockdown continues in India, Pakistan, Iraq, Bangladesh and Muscat except essential services, in which shipping is included, and therefore permitted
  • India - Nationwide lockdown continues until May 03,2020 however, some counters remain open, see below list under Customer Service.
  • UAE - All Delivery Order (D/O) requests to submit via ODeX platform. Please refer to “Related CustomerNEWS” section for details.
  • Pakistan – Lockdown extended until April 30, 2020. Counter remains open for collection of OBL / documents, for specific hours. Please see Customer Service section for details and check with local offices forday-to-day working hours. See “Related CustomerNEWS” section for revised counter options.
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