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Germany – Customs Regulations - Stricter Verification of Import Cargo Data

To avoid any inconveniences regarding the customs clearance, we would like to improve the quality of the dates submitted via German local Customs Manifest and need your support.

For all import cargoes to be discharged at the German ports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven, it is within the carrier’s responsibility to send a complete and correct import manifest to German Customs Authorities latest 24 working hours prior vessel arrival.
This manifest transmission has to include all laden containers in alignment with the issued carrier documents without fail.

In order to prevent problems and therefor resulting costs with the clearance of your cargo, we kindly ask you

  • To always state an unequivocally cargo description (valid trade name of the cargo) in the first three lines (within 140 characters), being listed under ‘extended cargo description’ in the shipping instructions / booking.
  • Additional lines can be used for information that are not relevant for any local Customs authorities.
  • To ensure that the name of the cargo, number of positions, weight and piece count is exactly the same as listed on the related commercial documents.
  • To ensure that each commodity group will be manifested with the respective HS Code.
  • To be aware that any cargo / commodity mix up under one HS Codes will not be accepted.


Customs Manifest after correction:

This procedure is in line with EU law and local German Customs Codex and therefore all parties are strongly asked to comply with the above rules.  

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