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Poland - EDI Booking Requirements

Whilst automation continues, we continuously aim for streamlining our booking process in order to further improve the service quality we offer to you as our valued customer.

In support of this goal, a good data quality of your electronic booking requests allows us, and also for your benefit, a faster and especially correct booking confirmation.

Accordingly, below mentioned requirements are essential for processing your electronic booking request:

  • Valid Quotation / Contract
    If your contract contains more than one routing party, the respective Marketing Routing Party (“MR”) is required which was provided with your contract details. We kindly ask you to submit the “MR” and rate agreement in the specified contract field via your EDI platform in this format:

    MR / CONTRACT (e.g. ABCDEF 123 / 4682727)

If you place your booking via our Website/Online Business, you can insert the “MR” in the designated field.

  • Complete routing, including correct vessel, schedule voyage number and schedule dates.
  • Merchant’s haulage: Pick-up date(s) and, if applicable, indicate shipper’s owned equipment and provide the relevant container number(s).
  • Carrier’s haulage: Positioning date(s) and mode of transport (not accepted as free text); Loading references in case of need.
  • Please cover the complete transport chain, including:

    - full address of the "place of receipt"
    - if stop for customs clearance is necessary, specify place for such clearance
    - if stop for weighing is necessary during transport, specify place of weighing
    - if port of loading is Hamburg, please specify party responsible for "B/Z" Number

  • For "Quantity and Container Size Type": see "Overview of container types"
  • Cargo weight, description & HS code (mandatory for US shipments) per container

Requirements for special cargo:

  • Reefer: temperature settings
  • Out-of-Gauge: overdimensions (L/W/H)
  • Dangerous Goods "DG" Details: Complete data of DGD form in compliance with IMDG Code

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