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USA - Service Contract Shippers or Affiliates on Bill of Lading

Please be reminded that the Contracting/Shipper Party or Affiliate named in the Service Contract shall appear on the bills of lading as shipper or consignee. This is per the Terms and Conditions in our Service Contract Boilerplate:

"…All rates and charges for transportation under this Service Contract shall be for the account of the Shipper. The Shipper shall be named as the shipper' or consignee' on all bills of lading covering transportation of cargo shipped under this Service Contract…."

If the shipper or consignee does not match with either the Contracting/Shipper Party or with one of the Affiliate listed in the Service Contract, the contract rates will not be applied and tariff rates will be in effect for the shipment in question.

NVOCC Customers

As additional information for our NVOCC Customers, please remember regarding the use of NVOCC name (FMC Ocean Transport Intermediary (OTI)) on a bill of lading,) which must comply with the regulation in the United States Code of Federal Regulation (CFR): 46 CFR states

§515.31 General duties.

(a) Licensees and registrants; names and numbers. Each licensee and registrant shall carry on its business only under the name in which it was licensed or registered and only under its license or registration number as assigned by the Commission. When the licensee's or registrant's name appears on shipping documents, its Commission license or registration number shall also be included.

When you are shipping under your OTI License, you need to use your Company Name or Trade Name as on file with the FMC.

Also, please be reminded that pursuant to the Terms and Conditions of our Service Contract, such Company / Trade Name shall appear as either the shipper or consignee in the relevant bill of lading. 

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