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Cargo opening rule in Antwerp, Belgium

The yard occupancy and container dwell times at the MSC PSA European Terminal (MPET) container terminal remain at critical levels despite all measures that have been taken so far. To avoid an operational stand still and maintain an efficient and reliable service, MPET has decided to implement a Yard Opening Time (YOT) scheme for all containers delivered at Q1718 and Q1742. This decision has been taken in line with the example set by other container terminals in the port of Antwerp where this measure has been implemented over the past few months.

With the above situation, MPET has been forced to implement a “7-day cargo opening rule” for export containers for all deep-sea liner services. In practice, this Yard Opening Time (YOT) starts 7 calendar days before the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of the deep-sea vessel. This means that export containers can only enter the terminals 7 days before the ship's confirmed arrival time, which is the earliest time in which an export container can be delivered.

With your cargo planning in mind, please find below a few helpful details:

  • This rule will be effective from Wednesday, August 4, 2021.
  • MPET will be updating the cargo opening times daily at 16:00 on their website here
  • For questions, the terminal has opened a dedicated point of contact by mail [email protected] or by phone + 32 3 220 71 33 during office hours.

Furthermore, please find herewith a few pointers to further clarify the process:

  • The Earliest Receiving Date will be published 10 calendar days prior to the vessel’s confirmed ETA.
  • The Earliest Receiving Date is currently fixed at 7 calendar days prior to the vessel’s confirmed ETA.
  • The Earliest Receiving Date will be published on the MPET website.
  • TAR codes can be created but truckers will get a NOK (=not ok) status until the yard is opened for the intended vessel.

We kindly ask for your understanding that the terminal has to take these preventive measures to avoid any negative operational deterioration for all concerned parties involved. Please note that Hapag-Lloyd is and will stay in close contact with the terminal management to evaluate these measures that are intended to be temporary.

If you require more information please contact our customer service team at your location who will be happy to guide you based on your individual situation.

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