Port of the month: Manzanillo – ¡Viva México!

Colorful sombreros, tacos, Frida Kahlo, tequila and Mayan pyramids – whoever hasn’t had a chance to travel through Mexico yet surely has these images in their mind. But, in addition to numerous cultural highlights, Mexico also has numerous port cities – such as Manzanillo.

Located on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, the port city of Manzanillo is considered a mecca for water-sports enthusiasts. This city of some 184,500 inhabitants in the state of Colima is surrounded by green slopes, tropical flora and fauna, beautiful beaches and chamomile plants. In fact, the city gets its name from the chamomile plant, which is called a “planta de manzanilla” in Spanish. Residents affectionately call their city the “sailfish capital of the world.” The fish is also the symbol of the city.

The port, based on container-handling figures for 2017, is considered the fourth-largest port in Latin America and is a crucial element of the state of Colima’s economy. The most frequently handled export goods at the port include beer, sugar, cars and cement. The imports are primarily consumer goods.

Manzanillo (MX) is a hub of various Hapag-Lloyd services and connects Latin America with Asia and Europe. It is referred to as Manzanillo (MX) to avoid confusion with the Panamanian port of Manzanillo (PA), which is also a port of call for Hapag-Lloyd services.

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