Instant customer satisfaction with Quick Quotes

In the logistics business, time is of essence. You are dealing with multiple shipments, tight deadlines and various customer requirements on a daily basis.

Victoria Moseicuka, logistics coordinator at Atlantic Express Corporation, took time out of her busy schedule to share some of the challenges she faces in her job as well as her experience with Hapag-Lloyd’s Quick Quotes.

“Most of the time I have to send multiple emails to shipping lines or fill out quote applications online and then wait for the reply. Sometimes it takes up to several days to receive a response”, says Victoria.

At Atlantic Express Corporation, an American freight forwarding company, all employees are guided by clearly defined values: customer focus, efficiency and safety. Needless to say, that the long waiting times for quotes did not align with the company values and its customer centricity. That’s why Victoria started using Quick Quotes soon after it was launched.

“Hapag-Lloyd provides a wonderful opportunity with Quick Quotes. You can see the quote instantly and can either download it for later use or make a booking right away.”

Understandably, at first Victoria was skeptical how Quick Quotes would work out operationally. Saving time in the quotation process seemed like a big advantage but how would Quick Quotes hold up in the documentation and invoicing process?

“Of course, in the beginning we had our doubts whether this would work and whether the bill of lading would be rated according to the online quote. But everything was correct, no issues right from the first shipment.”

Victoria now uses Quick Quotes on a daily basis and adds:

“I really love it. It makes everyone’s life easier. I can even reply to the customers with the quote while I’m on the phone with them.”

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