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How one of our customers is scaling growth with Quick Quotes

Having efficient processes and tools in place is crucial for growing any business.

BDP International, a logistics services provider with 148 offices around the world, has been privately owned and operated for 52 years. The company was recently experiencing a surge in rate requests and volumes, and it needed to figure out how to manage the increase in business, especially in regard to freight rate processes.

Ertugrul Kose, Ocean Export Manager at BDP International’s office in Izmir, Turkey, explains the situation the company found itself in. “At BDP, we have an efficient procurement infrastructure,” he says. “We have a database with rates for our controlled traffic and spot business called PPS, short for Powerful Purchasing System. The system is continuously updated so we always have the latest rates at hand. Our main challenge is losing time when we try to update rates while we request quotes from ocean carriers via email.”

So, when Hapag-Lloyd’s Quick Quotes first launched, Kose recognised how it might help improve the situation. “Hapag-Lloyd is one of our main carriers, and I’m sure that our traffic will increase even further by using Quick Quotes,” he says.

On a weekly basis, BDP answers approximately 500 freight requests from Izmir alone. The BDP colleagues handling rate requests now have the Quick Quotes screen open all day to check the rates instantly.

“We are using Quick Quotes for spot shipments and ongoing traffic,” Kose continues. “In our job, speed and efficiency are the most important things. We have to respond to customers quickly.”


Ertugrul Kose is Ocean Export Manager at BDP International’s office in Izmir.

BDP’s enduring vision is to deliver the finest logistics and transportation service experience. The company will keep pursuing this same vision with the help of Hapag-Lloyd’s tool. “Quick Quotes will continue to support our growth, and we won’t lose time waiting for rates,” Kose says.

You can find more information on Quick Quotes here.

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