The Hapag-Lloyd Navigator makes our customers’ lives easier

Every day, our customers have to make sure that their goods are transported quickly and safely all around the world. This challenge entails keeping track of huge amounts of data. We are very happy to be able to help them efficiently tackle their everyday challenges by using our new Hapag-Lloyd Navigator. The tool’s monitoring dashboard provides them with a centralized overview of their shipment information, which will help them streamline their business – starting now.

Our new Hapag-Lloyd Navigator is a 24/7, fully self-service tool for our customers that consolidates key information on their shipments in one place. Customers can now access real-time data on their shipments directly in the dashboards as well as download related documents, such as invoices and sea waybills whenever they need. By providing this real-time data, we are making booking and shipments even more transparent for our customers. This makes it easier for them to do business with us, which saves them a lot of time and work.

“In a digitalized world, which seems to spin faster day by day, time is a scarce resource.” says Jesper Kanstrup, Senior Director Customer Quality at Hapag Lloyd. “We are very happy to help our customers make the most of their time with the Hapag-Lloyd Navigator. The tool will give them everything they need to manage their bookings – such as the current location of their container or the expected arrival time – all in one place.”

The dashboard is seamlessly integrated into the Hapag-Lloyd Online Business world. With the alert function, customers will always be informed when an action is needed or if their Quick Quotes are about to expire. What’s more, colour-coding indicates the urgency of each item and keeps users aware of their upcoming tasks and obligations. Another major benefit of the Hapag-Lloyd Navigator is its customizability, as customers can choose which data they want to see depending on their individual needs.

Positive Feedback on the Navigator from Day 1

The Hapag-Lloyd Navigator is a great example of how we develop our digital products nowadays: Before rolling out the dashboard on a global scale, we tested it with a selected group of customers. Around 70 testers from seven countries tried out the tool over a three-week period and provided us with feedback:

“The Navigator is very clean and very neat, and it honestly might be the best tool I will use during my day-to-day work!” (U.S. customer)

“The tracking system is easy and clear.” (Turkish customer)

“Hapag Lloyd has built a solid tool that could be beneficial to a large set of your customer base.” (U.S. customer)

In addition to helping us to further improve the Navigator, the feedback also showed us that the dashboard is helpful for different customer groups – from smaller non-vessel operators to large companies and even cargo owners. Moreover, the positive feedback gave us the confidence that the Hapag-Lloyd Navigator was ready for its global rollout.

With the Hapag-Lloyd Navigator, we have taken another big step towards improving the range of digital services we offer our customers as wells towards becoming the number one for quality in the container shipping industry. To allow us to keep enhancing the Navigator with new and improved features, we naturally welcome ongoing customer feedback – for our and their benefit!

Do you want to handle your shipment information more easily?

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