Real-time information on sailing schedules, transport information and more – thanks to API

Faster processes and simultaneous data exchange: Via the API Developer Portal, Hapag-Lloyd will be enabling its customers and partners to establish a direct connection to internal systems and thereby access information seamlessly and in real time. IT developers will now be able to discover for themselves the many benefits of the portal.

If customers want to retrieve information, such as the verified gross mass (VGM) of a container at the terminal, they will now be able to do so via API. This means that they will be able to use their own system to request data in real time via an interface to Hapag-Lloyd’s system. Thus, in the case of container tare, players involved in the transport process will directly receive an answer regarding the weight – but without any wait. This will immensely speed up handling processes and reduce idle times at terminals. Going forward, customers will also be able to retrieve information on sailing schedules and rates in real time via their own portals.

“Providing our customers and partners direct access to our systems will really change how Hapag-Lloyd communicates with them a lot,” explains Joachim Timm, from the Strategic Partner Collaboration & Enablement (SPACE) team at Hapag-Lloyd. “The direct access will result in faster processes and will translate into much better quality for them.”

Direct interface – including sandbox tests

Since August, Hapag-Lloyd customers have been able to establish a direct interface between their and our systems via the API Developer Portal, which enables them to directly retrieve a wide range of data. All customers and their IT developers need to do is log on to the portal and learn about the technical requirements for establishing this interface. What’s more, the portal also offers so-called sandbox tests, which allow developers to simulate API calls without having to register.
“The new API Developer Portal will both open the door to new business models and be an additional building block towards keeping our quality promises,” says Rene Krolow, Team Manager IT Supply Chain Management. “The portal will enable even closer interlinking with our customers and business partners as part of our efforts to continue optimising operative processes and reduce costs, such as via automation.”

Would you like to learn more or carry out a sandbox test? You can access Hapag-Lloyd’s API Developer Portal here.

Register to receive data in real time

In the new API Developer Portal, customers and partners of Hapag-Lloyd can apply for API authorizations. After activation, you will be able to subscribe to API products providing access to the following types of data:

  • Timetables (port, voyage schedules)
  • Routing information
  • Cut-off dates (voyage)
  • Transport information
  • Container weight (VGM)
  • Exchange rates

In the future, Hapag-Lloyd will provide its customers and partners with additional APIs.

APIs in a format standard for the industry

Hapag-Lloyd is supplying the exchanged data using the standardised industry formats specified by the Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA). This guarantees that the data can be seamlessly integrated into partner systems. The increased use of APIs will form an important foundation for continuing to meet Hapag-Lloyd’s quality aspirations, as the programming interfaces will use state-of-the-art technologies, such as blockchain and the internet of things (IoT).

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