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With the Go-Live of our pioneering tracking product shortly ahead, customers test "Live Position"

In March, Hapag-Lloyd will revolutionize logistics. With the product launch of our Smart Container tool, we are the first in the world to use IoT technology in logistics. The test phase is currently underway with selected major customers and we are fine-tuning the new visibility tool "Live Position". This product will close the "blind spots" of global logistics for the first time and enable customer decisions to be made in real time.

As Hapag-Lloyd has recently reached the significant milestone of installing the 1 millionth tracking device on our dry container fleet, it’s time to look at the commercial side. How is the pilot project of our "Live Position" product going? How satisfied are the customers of the pilot-phase and is the product ready for the mass market?

Global Reach and Industry Diversity

Launched in September, the "Live Position" pilot is seeing active participation by now from 14 dedicated customers spanning diverse industries such as Automotive, Machinery, Agriculture, Chemical and Retail in all six regions. Without the great support of colleagues in the regions, such a large turnout would not have been possible. The widespread deployment ensures that we gather invaluable insights across different operational landscapes, enabling us to tailor the product to meet diverse customer needs.

User Experience Evolution

With ongoing research and feedback interviews with all participants of the “Live Position”-Pilot over the past few months, we've seen a continuous evolution in user experience, performance, and overall usage of the "Live Position" product.

Customer Feedback: Hapag-Lloyd is going the extra mile

Here are some insights and opinions gathered from the customers, testing the new product.

First of all: everyone recognizes that Hapag-Lloyd with it’s digital container monitoring is taking a completely new strategic approach in the container shipping business to ensure customer satisfaction. As Oriyomi Idowu, Distribution Specialist at Bayer Crop Science, puts it: “We appreciate the entire demonstration that shows solution to constant issues around providing customer satisfaction. With making it’s container-fleet smart, Hapag-Lloyd is going the extra mile to remove every shippers greatest concern.”

Manuela Fischer from Daimler Trucks likes the user friendly design: “It is very easy to handle with a simple application.” At the same time she points out, that for clients with bigger, regular shipments like Daimler Trucks, instead of searching single containers, they need to work with a broader picture. Thus a search-function on shipment level instead of box level would be very useful. The project head from Mercedes Benz, another pilot customer, is happy about the Map feature, that assists in getting a fast overview of the data. At the same time he wishes similarly for an overview in list format and a complete overview of shipments at one glance.

The received intensive feedback of the pilot is used for the further development of the product. Next to extended search and filter functionality many test clients ask for an integrated ETA update, including a regularly updated ETA of several milestones along the supply chain including the end location of a shipment. With our web development team we find solutions to intregrate more visibility and information asked for and thus adding value to our customers with Live Position.

„At Live Position, the requirements and wishes of our customers are the decisive guideline at every stage of product development. The commitment of our team is to create the perfect tool, that meets and exceeds customer expectations. The positive acceptance of the pilot project by our test customers reinforces our belief that the future of container tracking is not just smart but overall customer-centric,” says Alexander Gast, responsible .

The official commercial launch of “Live Position” is planned for Spring 2024.

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