The Booking wizard is an application which allows you to submit booking requests directly to Hapag-Lloyd via our web page.

Booking requests with upto 10 containers and 3 separate cargo items that have no DG (dangerous goods) cargo and no special out of gauge cargo can be placed.

How to use this feature?

In order to use the Web Booking application you must be a registered for the Hapag-Lloyd Online Business. If you are not registered yet, please register first.

In addition you must have a valid service contract/quotation number, if you require assistance in obtaining either please contact your local Hapag-Lloyd office.

The Tab Concept

The booking feature is presented as a tab wizzard navigation. Each section of your booking request is represented by a tab, i.e. Contract & Quotation, Routing & Schedule, Equipment & Cargo etc.. After inserting the respective data under the first tab, the user will be taken to the next tab and so on - until all necessary information has been entered. Once complete, the booking request can be reviewed and submitted for processing by Hapag-Lloyd. While moving from tab to tab your booking request is saved at each step and you can complete it at a later date. For your convenience we also offer a template function  which you can use to create templates for your recurring business.

Button: Next, Button: Previous

When pressing Next or Previous all current data will be saved before proceeding. At any stage you are able to amend the information already entered by selecting the relevant tab, amending and then clicking on the next or previous button.

Note: By pressing Next or Previous your booking request will not be transmitted to Hapag-Lloyd. This will only take place when pressing 'Submit' on the Review & Complete tab.

Button: Clear

Each tab contains a 'Clear' button which can be used to delete the data from the respective tab. Please bear in mind if the data deleted influences data on the subsequent tabs this will also be removed therefore avoiding data inconsistency.

Browser Back

If you decide to interrupt one step you may easily go backwards by using the browser back button.


Each Hapag-Lloyd Online Business user will only be permitted to place booking requests with a valid quotation or contract number related to their own organization.

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