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East Coast USA and Canada – Winter Storm “Grayson”

From the National Weather Service forecasts, a powerful winter storm has been impacting the East Coast USA and Canada through Thursday January 4, 2018:

A strengthening Northeaster has brought snow and gusty winds, with blizzard conditions along the coast and blowing snow elsewhere, along the Middle Atlantic and Northeast through Thursday. Minor to major coastal flooding and erosion will be possible, especially during high tides. Dangerous travel, scattered power outages, and bitter wind chill can be expected across the entire east coast.

Due to this weather, here is the latest status report on office closings, port terminal closings and vessels within these ports that may be affected:

Hapag-Lloyd Office Closings:

  • Port office in Savannah closed both Wednesday January 3rd and Thursday January 4th until 13.00 hrs.
  • Port office in Charleston closed both Wednesday January 3rd and Thursday January 4th all day. Offices will reopen January 5th.
  • Port office in Norfolk closed Thursday January 4th; and will reopen January 5th.
  • Regional offices in Piscataway closed Thursday January 4th and will reopen January 5th.

Port Terminal Status / Closings:

Savannah / Georgia Ports Authority:
All terminal operations closed at 4 a.m. Wednesday, January 3rd and all gates at Garden City Terminal due to re-open Thursday, January 4th at 13:00 hrs and remain open until 18:00 hrs

Charleston / Wando & North Charleston Terminals:
Charleston terminal operations ceased at 10:00 am January 3rd, 2018 and due to resume at 13:00 hours on Thursday January 4th.
Inland Port Greer will remain open and operate under normal hours.

The Port of Wilmington ceased operations at 3:00 pm on Wednesday, January 3rd and remained closed Thursday, January 4th. Current plans are for the Port of Wilmington to operate on a 2-hour delay Friday, January 5th, 2018.

Jacksonville / TraPac:
Open and currently operating under normal hours of business.

Open Thursday, January 4, 2018

Norfolk and Portsmouth:
Thursday, January 4, 2018

  • All Truck gates CLOSED except Virginia Inland Port which is open

Friday, January 5, 2018

  • All Truck gates CLOSED except Virginia Inland Port which is open

Saturday, January 6 and Sunday, January 7, 2018

  • Committed to OPENING all truck gates

Ports of New York/New Jersey and Philadelphia:
All New York terminals closed their gates and ceased operations at 10:30 am, January 4th. For all containers which are within their free time window, this will be extended by one additional day. Those containers already in demurrage will continue to accrue charges.

Philadelphia terminal is open and operating as normal.

Port of Boston / Massport at Conley Terminal:
Closed Thursday, January 4th, 2018

Port of Halifax:
Ceres terminal closed on January 4th, due to power outage. Operations are due to resume January 5th, at 13.00hrs.
Halterm truck gates were closing at noon, January 4th, but rail & vessel operations will continue.

Impacted Vessel Status:

Vessel Name VOY Service Port ETA Remarks
Philadelphia Express 050E AL3 CHS Revised ETA 12/1800 Reduced speed Trans-ATL due to weather
MOL Belief 013W EC4 CHS Sailed 04/1042  
Olga Maersk 801S ANP CHS ETA 05/1600 ETD 06/1100 TBC
YM Upsurgence 028W EC3 CHS ETA 06/1900 Subject to SAV operation
Budapest Bridge 056E AL6 HAL ETB 04/1700 ETD 05/0001
Atlantic Sky 7258 ATA HAL ETB 04/1800 ETD 05/0300
YM Movement 037E EC5 HAL ETA 05/1300 ETD 05/2300 TBC
Atlantic Sky 8238 ATA HAL ETA 06/1300 ETD 06/2300 TBC
YM Unanimity 034W EC2 ILM
ETB 04/1200 ETD 04/2300 TBC
Zim Constanza 054E AL7 NYC ETA 05/0600 ETB Pending
Budapest Bridge 056E AL6 NYC ETA 07/0500 ETB Pending
JPO Capricornus 0015S USW NYC Berthed 04/0600 ETD TBC
YM Utmost 069W EC2 NYC Berthed 03/1724 ETD 05/1200 TBC
CMA CGM Indus 7249 IMX NYC ETB 04/1300 ETD 05/1300 TBC
YM Essence 036E AL1 NYC ETB 05/0700 ETD 05/2300 TBC
Charleston Express 54E AL3 ORF Arrived 04/0300, currently drifting outside closed port ORF berthing TBC, currently 05/0800
Dalian Express 100W EC5 ORF ETA 07/0200 Berthed in SAV waiting for ops to resume 04/1300, ETD Jan 5/1200
Seaspan Thames 004E EC4 ORF ETA 05/1300 Completed ops at NYC, awaiting port reopening, latest 04/1800 for ETD. ORF ETB TBC
Mehuin 7148 IMX ORF ETA 06/0500 Completed ops at NYC, ETD 05/0600 subject to sped log repairs onboard. ORF ETB TBC
YM Express 023E AL1 ORF ETA 04/2130 ETD 06/0400 TBC
Monte Rosa 076E SEC ORF ETA 06/0600 Subject to PHL operation
CMA CGM Indus 7249 IMX ORF ETA 06/1300 Subject to NYC operation
Monte Rosa 076E SEC PHL ETA 04/1800 Sailed NYC 04/0336
Seaspan Yangtze 005W EC4 SAV At berth since 04/1106 No operations until 05th Possible start 0800hrs maybe 1300hrs TBC 
NYK Rigel 046E AL5 SAV At anchorage since 03/0300 Arrrived pilot stn 03/0300, ETB 05/0700 TBC with ETD 05/1800
Malleco 010W EC5 SAV ETA 05/0300 ETB TBC
YM Upsurgence 028W EC3 SAV At anchorage since 02/1748 ETB 04/1300 and ETD 06/0800
MOL Matrix 044W EC1 SAV Arrived 04/1106 ETD 05/0900 TBC
NYK Romulus 042E AL5 SAV ETA 04/1200 ETD 05/1000 TBC
Honolulu Bridge 029W EC2 SAV ETA 06/0600 ETD 06/1800 TBC
Brevik Bridge  045E AL6 SAV ETA 06/0600 ETD 06/1800 TBC
Zim Qingdao 070E AL7 SAV ETA 06/0600 ETD 06/2300 TBC

We will provide you with updates on above, as circumstances may require.

The terms of this Notice shall be read in conjunction with and without prejudice to Hapag-Lloyd’s Bill of Lading / Sea Waybill terms and conditions as well as the Hapag-Lloyd tariff applicable thereto.

Based upon the circumstances presented, please take notice that Hapag-Lloyd shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or delay to the subject cargo, or any other liabilities/amounts of whatsoever kind or nature, arising from, related to, or in connection with the referenced winter storm.

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