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Germany Inland Tariff - Low Water Surcharge on Rhine suspended

Referring to our CustomerNews of September 3, 2019, we are glad to provide you with following update on the current status:

The low water situation has eased to the degree that effective October 9, 2019 the Low Water Surcharge (LWS) could be suspended until further notice.

In the event that future water levels on the Rhine River are tight again, barge transports would be severely affected due to draft restrictions.

In such circumstances, we would re-apply a low water surcharge for both Import and Export (combined) barge transports, as illustrated in the tables below for these 3 specific water-level (Pegel) measuring stations:

Kindly appreciate that in the event of an extreme low water scenario these costs, whilst charged to Hapag-Lloyd by River barge operators, are for account of the cargo and will be passed on accordingly.

In case of water levels at Kaub falling below 81cm, Ruhrort below 181 cm or Cologne below 106 cm, we regret a loading guarantee for your cargo cannot be granted anymore at that point.

Whilst currently the low water situation is resolved in light of recent weather conditions, for ease of monitoring the actual water levels can also be viewed on the german "elwis.de" website.

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