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Atlantic Loop 6 (AL6) – Schedule Recovery

Several AL6 vessels are delayed on their last round voyages due to operational interruptions such as strike, bad weather and holiday terminal closures.

In order to recover schedule integrity, it has therefore been decided to let all vessels of the AL6 slide by one week, with following adjusted port call dates.

Vessel Port Date:

MV “Chicago Express” ETS Genoa January 24, 2020
ETS Savannah February 16, 2020

MV “Bremen Express” ETS Genoa February 07, 2020
ETS Savannah March 01, 2020

MV “CMA CGM Nabucco” ETS Genoa February 14, 2020
ETS Savannah March 08, 2020

MV “Vienna Express” ETS Genoa February 21, 2020
ETS Savannah March 15, 2020

MV “OOCL Europe” ETS Genoa February 28, 2020
ETS Savannah March 22, 2020

Please also consider our adjacent services to accommodate your cargo during the period of schedule adjustments of AL6.

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