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Marine Fuel Recovery Surcharge – Price Announcement for China and China/Hong Kong exports

Update outside Quarterly Review period

we wish to inform you about the latest update on our Marine Fuel Recovery (MFR) table as coverage for exports from China and China/Hong Kong.

With the implementation of our new MFR mechanism we also started a monthly review period in order to adjust the MFR outside the regular quarterly updates, in case fuel price fluctuations exceed USD 45,- per ton.
Due to the recent strong price fluctuations experienced, we now adjust our MFR values.

Please note the MFR is valid for exports from China and China/Hong Kong only and shown as a separate surcharge on your invoice and freighted Bill of Lading.

The MFR charges will be adjusted from the current to following revised levels, effective for sailings as of March 2, 2020 and valid until March 31, 2020:

You can find the MFR values for China and China/Hong Kong exports by clicking here.

Further information about our IMO2020 strategy and our new fuel mechanism can be found on our website.

The FAK base rates as well as Security related surcharges, Peak Season surcharges (if applicable) and Terminal Handling Charges (THCs) remain unchanged and can be found here. Other local charges and contingency surcharges may apply.

Please note that all changes that do require a legal 30-day notice are duly filed and announced in the respective Public Tariffs and this document shows some of these changes for international purpose only.

This document, in no way replaces the application of the Public Tariff.

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