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United Arab Emirates Counter – Online Payment

Due to the COVID-19 situation and to follow UAE Government guidelines, social distancing is mandatory. Recently, Noor Bank has been warned by the Local Authority for the customers queued at the ATM which resulted in our decision to discontinue accepting Cash at ATM or Noor Bank branches in UAE. We apologize for the inconvenience for this situation out of our control.

Currently we are accepting payments via ODeX for online transfer only at Noor Bank.

Please find below the steps, to process the payment at Noor Bank through ODeX

Step 1 – Login to the 24*7 Invoice Download Facility (https://uae.odex.co).
Step 2 - Select the invoice by using your respective bill of lading number.
Step 3 - Select payment via Noor Bank and note down the Account Number.
Step 4 - Receive a “ODeX Payment Reference number” and click on “Confirm” Payment button.
Step 5 - Go to the netbanking option and pay on the below mentioned account.
Step 6 - Send the Noor Bank Deposit Receipt via Email/WhatsApp with subject “ODeX Payment Reference number (The Payment reference number received at Step 4)”. (Email: [email protected])
Step 7 - Receive payment confirmation and receipt via email.

Please note that it takes 04 Hours to get a payment confirmation from ODeX for online transfer. Please request delivery order, bill of lading or certificates once you have the payment confirmation from our ODeX team.

For any assistance and guidance on these steps, you can reach out to the below UAE customer service team members who are ready to help you.

We will not be accepting any payment at our counter office.

Contact Details:
[email protected] (Mobile: 055 190 7865)
[email protected] (Mobile: 056 430 0448)

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