Sweden – Booking Requirements: Quotation / Contract Number

We are continuously streamlining our booking process in order to further improve the service quality we offer to you as our valued customer.

To serve you better with faster booking response time and to maintain high levels of invoice accuracy, we request you to please provide the valid quotation or contract (rate agreement) number when placing your booking request.
This number will be used as the basis for your booking.

The valid Quotation or Contract (Rate Agreement) Number

  • Should be correct and issued by us,
  • Must not be expired,
  • Should match the booking details such as commodity, origin & destination, container etc.

If the quotation or contract number is not provided or falls outside of the above criteria, the booking request will be cancelled and you will be asked to provide the correct number under a new booking request.

Once a Booking Confirmation is issued with a valid quotation, the quotation number cannot be amended/replaced by another new quotation no. under the same booking.

If your contract contains more than one routing party, the respective Marketing Routing Party (“MR”) is required which was provided with your contract details.

We kindly ask you to submit the “MR” in the specified field via your online platform in this format: MR: ABCDEF 123

If you place your booking via our Website/Online Business, there are designated fields for both your “MR” code and your quotation/contract number.

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