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Montreal / Halifax - Glasgow Express will assist with Halifax Backlog

Cargo from the diverted vessels that discharged in Halifax due to the Montreal Port strike is currently experiencing excessive dwell times and the lack of sufficient railcars at Halifax to cope with the additional volumes continues with no immediate solution in sight.

Subsequently, and in accordance with Canadian cabotage requirements, arrangements have been made to divert a vessel to Halifax to evacuate the delayed cargo and bring it to Montreal for furtherance inland.

The MV Glasgow Express 01E38 assigned to the Mediterranean Canada Service (MCA) service will perform this transshipment leg.

The vessel will call Montreal first and discharge her regular imports. She will then sail back to Halifax to collect the diverted cargo, return to Montreal to discharge and then load regular exports.

Expected dates as follows:

  • Arrive Montreal October 6, 2020 – Regular Import Discharge
  • Sail October 8, 2020 pm – Halifax bound. 
  • Arrive Halifax October 12th am – Load stranded imports
  • Sail October 13, 2020 pm – Montreal bound
  • Arrive October 16, 2020 am – Discharge stranded imports / load regular exports
  • Sail October 20/21, 2020

At 08:00 am on Monday October 5, 2020 the stacks of Import cargo from the diverted vessels will be closed. No further diversions will be accepted from that time while the necessary documentation and filing arrangements are made. Prior to 08:00 am on October 5, 2020, cargo will continue to move by rail as much as the available railcars permit.

Customers will receive new arrival notices on October 9, 2020 for the affected cargo.

In Saint John, the situation is much improved and fluidity is improving. It is expected that all diverted Import cargo will be cleared by next week.

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