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North Europe - Minimum Invoice Dispute Requirements

With effect from January 1, 2021 we will launch a new standardized “Customer Dispute Request” process which will improve response times to your invoice disputes.

Effective as from the above mentioned date all invoice disputes must be sent to the following addresses:

Germany - [email protected]
Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary – [email protected]
Switzerland – [email protected]

Please make sure that the invoice dispute mail contains the following details:

1) Invoice number
2) Contract number / quotation number
3) Reason for dispute
4) Exact definition what charge is wrong and which amount would be correct

There should only be one mail string for an invoice dispute and the correspondence must be in English.
If not all necessary information are given, we will contact you for missing information and won´t open a dispute.
The invoice dispute must be sent within 14 days after invoice date latest.

This process has been created to capture information in a more structured way, allowing us to process your disputes faster and more efficiently. We believe this new process will allow us to manage all dispute resolutions in a far more productive manner ultimately leading to improved turnaround times.

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