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Italy - Minimum Booking Requirements

Whilst automation continues, we continuously aim for streamlining our booking process in order to further improve the service quality we offer to you as our valued customer.

In support of this goal, a good data quality of your electronic booking requests allows us to send your booking confirmations faster and more accurate.

Accordingly, below mentioned requirements are essential for accepting your electronic booking request:

  • A valid Quotation or rate agreement number

Please do not forget to insert the Quotation or Rate Agreement number in the designated field.

If your contract contains more than one routing party, the respective Marketing Routing Party (“MR”) is required which was provided with your contract details. We kindly ask you to submit the “MR” and rate agreement in the specified contract field via your EDI platform in this format:

MR / CONTRACT (e.g. ABCDEF 123 / 4682727)

If you place your booking via our Website/Online Business, you can insert the “MR” in the designated field.

  • Number and kind of equipment & Cargo description and weight
  • Positioning date, full address of the "place of receipt" and mode of transport in case of carriers haulage
  • Complete routing including mode of transports for door delivery
  • At least four digits of HS code (U.S Shipments)

We also kindly ask you to check all the details on your Booking Confirmations carefully to ensure they correspond to your booking request. In case of booking cancellations or postponements due to space/allocation issues, our colleagues will insert related information to the remarks section (first available vessel & reason).
Missing check of booking confirmation details could result in errors and costs which needs to be borne by the cargo account.

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