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Peak Season Surcharge ex Mediterranean to Canada and Mexico Special Cargo & Reefers

In a continued effort to provide you with a high level of service and equipment supply, we will apply a Peak Season Surcharge (PSS) on all Special Cargo and Reefers in 20’ RF/HT/HC OT/ OT/HC FR/FR and 40’ RF/HT/HC OT/ OT/HC FR/FR on the westbound trade from Mediterranean to Canada and Mexico.

Effective for sailings from March 01, 2021 onwards and until further notice,
the PSS will be as follows:

Mediterranean (Excluding Italy) to Canada and Mexico:

  • USD 250 / TEU

Italy to Canada and Mexico:

  • USD 300 / TEU

The Ocean Tariff rates as well as bunker-related surcharges, security-related surcharges, Terminal Handling Charges remain unchanged and can be checked as per the below.

  • Validity: until further notice
  • Scope definition please click here
  • Commodity please click here
  • Bunker related charges please click here
  • Security related charges please click here
  • Terminal Handling charges please click here
  • Peak Season Surcharge (if applicable) please click here

    Local charges and contingency charges may apply in addition.

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