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Canada Customs - Advance Commercial Information (ACI) notice – Update

Since January 4, 2021, eManifest house bills must have been used in lieu of supplementaries
for Imports into Canada as per customs notice 20-28. A 6-month period of informed compliance
started as of that date, thereafter, non-compliant shipments may receive penalties.
Please find the Customs notice 20-28 here:

In order to comply with CN 20-28, Hapag-Lloyd will have to discontinue filing supplementaries for imports as announced in our CustomerNews of November 25, 2020. Forwarders were asked to make alternate arrangements to file eManifest house bills. There were several options available, including:

Filing on line via the CBSA eManifest portal:

Using approved third party service providers:

Please note that In-Transit and FROB are exempt. Hapag-Lloyd will continue filing
supplementaries for those.

For shipments on following vessels sailing out of Europe we can still accept filing supplementaries, for any vessels thereafter, this will no longer be possible:

  • ATA – Atlantic Sun voy. ASU70 / DP 265988
  • AT1 – Ottawa Express voy. 22w14 / DP 268420
  • AT2 – Montreal Express voy. 28w15 / DP 268373
  • AL1 – YM Evolution 057w / DP 269170
  • AL5 – NYK Rigel voy. 062w / DP 264898
  • MCA – Genoa Express voy. 48w14 / DP 267140
  • MPS – Dallas Express voy. 17w13 / DP 265631
  • AL7 – Zim Vancouver voy. 55w / DP 268450

For additional information, please visit the CBSA website:
https://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/menu-eng.html or contact the eManifest help desk at
[email protected]

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