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Region North Europe – Booking Window Implementation

In order to provide the most reliable, accurate vessel outlook to our customers and avoid repeated booking adjustments, Hapag-Lloyd will implement a booking window for all countries belonging to Region North Europe effective March, 17th 2021.

We will be limiting our booking approvals to 6 weeks prior to vessel ETD. All trades will be affected.

1. Calculation of booking window is based on booking received date until vessel ETD from the respective feeder or mainliner voyage.

2. Bookings received as of the effective date (March 17th) will follow the booking window logic.

3. Bookings received as of the effective date falling outside of the booking window of 6 weeks scope will be rejected.

Hapag-Lloyd fully understands that this is a significant change but is confident the same will ensure the best offering to our customers.

Long-term commitments we have entered into we will honor, hence, we will deviate from the booking window in such cases and accept bookings outside the window as well.

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