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Taiwan – Revision of Import Detention & Demurrage Tariff

We would like to inform you that with immediate effect from April 15, 2021 Hapag-Lloyd will revise the

Import Detention/Demurrage Tariff as follows:


1) Calendar days include Saturdays, Sundays, and Public/Bank Holidays. All detention/ demurrage are subject to 5% tax

2) Special containers are Open Top, Hard Top, and Flat Rack

3) Import detention Calculation:

Equipment free time shall commence at midnight after removal of the carrier’s equipment from carrier’s terminal (gate out full) to empty return to carrier CY.
4) Import demurrage/storage Calculation:

Free time shall commence from the container discharged from vessel to laden pick up from Terminal. For inland shipments free time shall commence from the last container gated in carrier CY to laden pick up from carrier CY.

5) USA / Canada / FMC filing trade: Effective date is based on tariffing date and tariffing date is the last container Gate In Full/GIFU date at loading port.
Europe / IRT / Latin America: Tariffing date is based on ETD from initial Booking confirmation

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