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Hapag-Lloyd Web Booking Enhancements

In times of unprecedented demand and extremely high volumes we would like to significantly improve your booking experience and booking quality with Hapag-Lloyd. In support of that it is very important that you submit your booking request with complete rate reference details. These should include contract/quotation number and Routing party (MR) where applicable. Please also ensure that the submitted contract/quote is still valid and covers the routing and departure options selected.

In order to fulfil our quality promises to you, several enhancements to our Hapag-Lloyd Web Booking platform will be activated in the coming weeks.

1. Contract validity

After you have inserted a quotation or rate agreement number, Hapag-Lloyd Web Booking will check the contract validity. In case your rate has expired, we will highlight that the rate is not valid anymore. Please review your submitted quotation or rate agreement number and replace it with a valid contractor rate agreement number.

If you choose to proceed with the expired contract, you will be allowed to continue with the booking process, however please note that the booking will be subject to agreement of the rate and your booking confirmation may be slightly delayed.

2. Valid contract reference including Routing party

Once a valid contract is entered and the rate agreement holds multiple routing parties, you will be asked to provide a valid routing party (MR). Note that for bookings based on quotations or contracts with only one routing party (MR), you do not need to enter the routing party.

If you don´t enter a valid routing party you won´t be able to proceed with the booking request. Please refer to your contract details or reach out to your Hapag-Lloyd Sales contact. They will gladly support you with additional clarification.

3. Valid routing

To enhance transparency, we will in the future verify whether the selected routing is part of your contract or not. In case your routing is not filed in the contract, we will highlight that you do not have rates for the chosen route. Please review your submitted route and verify its accuracy.

If you choose to proceed with the initial route, you will be allowed to continue with the booking process, however please note that your booking confirmation is subject to changes and may be slightly delayed.

4. Departure date validity

Following the routing selection, you can choose a vessel from the available schedules. In case you select a vessel with a departure date that is beyond your contract validity, we will inform you that the provided rates do not cover the selected sailing. Please review the chosen vessel and replace it with a vessel within your contract validity.

If you choose to proceed with the initial vessel, you will be allowed to continue with the booking process, but please take into account that your booking is subject to changes and the confirmation may be slightly delayed.

Throughout the booking process on our Web Booking platform, we will guide you with links to our Quick Quotes or your local Hapag-Lloyd Sales representative for contract extensions, additional routings or alternative offers.

We will gradually activate the changes throughout March and April with the first enhancements rolling out March 9th.

Please be assured that these changes are helping you and us to significantly improve the booking process. Thank you very much for staying at our side even in challenging times like this. We very much appreciate your business and we will do our utmost to support you wherever and whenever needed.

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