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An easier way to communicate with our USA offices is coming to you!

Providing efficient and smooth customer service with high responsiveness and fast issue resolution is at the top of our agenda. Our Strategy 2023 has set us on a clear path towards becoming number one for quality in the industry, and this means placing a high priority on what matters most to us: You.

This is the reason why, on July 12, 2021, we are taking further steps to deliver an enhanced service to you.

First, we are establishing specialized and dedicated team members just for your business. This is aimed at tailoring our answers to your queries and assisting you more efficiently. We will be sending you a separate message with the details of your contacts later, so stay tuned!

Second, we will implement one mailbox [email protected] to ease the way you communicate with us.

Here’s how it works:

  • By using this mailbox, you will only have to go to one place for all your questions.
  • Simply, send your inquiry to this email address with your HL Shipment Number and/or full BL number in the subject line. Please always include these details.
  • Your message will be delivered to an industry specialist that will help you.
  • You will receive a confirmation message with a Case Number and Quick Link to send us follow up messages or connect with via phone call with our colleague who is working on the case.
  • You can use the existing mainline number +1-855-227-4612 where you will be able to input your Case Number and/or Shipment Number. The call will be automatically routed to the corresponding agent or team for a personalized service.

Besides the above information, please note the following mailboxes that remain unchanged:

  • Manual Shipping Instructions, Bill of Lading/ Sea Waybill Draft corrections and approvals outside of the Long Beach office: [email protected]
  • IMDG Submission outside of the Long Beach office: [email protected]
  • Import Carrier Haulage Shipments/ Delivery Instructions Submissions outside of the Long Beach office: Delivery Order Input
  • Email addresses for Operations or Business Administration remain unchanged.

The new one mailbox applies to all inquiries except for our Long Beach office, for which the details have remained unchanged as listed below:

Please keep in mind that all other Customer Service email addresses and direct lines outside of the Long Beach office will be discontinued as of July 12, 2021.

Best regards,

U.S. Customer Service Management

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