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A reminder in connection with NYK Delphinus 0086W/E

With reference to the news published on June 18, 2021, and our latest reminder on July 23, 2021 concerning the fire on board vessel NYK Delphinus 0086W/E in the AL5 Service (AL5), please be reminded that a General Average was declared.

The vessel operators have informed that the discharge operations in Oakland for the cargo and containers on board the vessel are planned for August 9, 2021, subject to final confirmation and change. Please be advised that the containers cannot be released even after discharge from the vessel unless the General Average Security has been submitted and confirmed by the General Average Adjuster. It has been noted that several containers are still waiting for the General Average Security, which must be posted along with the necessary documents to ensure the timely cargo release. Please ensure to take immediate action to avoid unnecessary delays for the cargo release.

In case the submission has not been done yet, please note that the appointed adjusters, Blue Seas Adjusters Ltd on behalf of the shipowners, have issued the list of documents that must be provided by all cargo receivers to prepare for cargo release and discharge. The appointed adjusters will be guiding you through the process and will be compiling the documentation for all cargo and containers on board.

  • Average Bond. Please find and download the document here.
  • General Average Guarantee or Cash Security

Please refer to our news published on May 28, 2021 for a detailed list and explanation of the requirements.

If you require further information concerning the General Average, please find below the contact details for Blue Seas Adjusters Ltd who have an average response time of 24 hours:

Email: [email protected]

Please rest assured that we will keep you updated with further information when it is made available. If you should require specific information concerning cargo queries not covered in the General Average topic, please contact our customer service teams at your nearest Hapag-Lloyd office.  

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