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Here´s an update on coverage between Mediterranean, US Westcoast and Gulf of Mexico

As the global logistics industry continues to adapt to new scenarios, supply chains need solutions to continue working, connecting cargo to and from different parts of the world. The West Coast of the United States has witnessed cargo delays and we have been working to solve this issue.

Waiting for your cargo to arrive at one of the US West Coast ports has become the normality in the last months and the actual transit times experienced by our customers on the U.S. West Coast has increased drastically. To improve the situation, we have decided to modify our service portfolio between the Mediterranean and the U.S. in order to increase consistency and reduce actual transit times. We will offer a new reliable connection between the Mediterranean and the US West Coast by rail via Norfolk in place of the existing Mediterranean Pacific (MPS) service. This rail connection with the U.S West Coast will initially be focused on dry containers.

With your cargo planning in mind, we will kick off April 13, 2022 an updated Mediterranean Gulf Express (MGX) service to include a call in Norfolk for connecting cargo from/to Los Angeles and Oakland by rail.

The MGX rotation will be gradually adjusted to be fully focused on the traffic between the Mediterranean and Mexico, Houston, U.S. West Coast, starting with the following sailing including Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and Estimated Time of Departure (ETD):

  • Fos Express 01W15 / 01E18
  • ETD Livorno, Italy April 13, 2022
  • ETA Veracruz, Mexico May 5, 2022

The rotation will have the following structure:

Livorno – Genoa – Barcelona – Valencia – Veracruz – Altamira – Houston – Norfolk – Livorno

Thinking about your cargo planning, please note, a new service will be established for cargo previously carried by our MPS and MGX services to and from Caribbean ports; details will be announced shortly.

The last sailings with our Mediterranean Pacific (MPS) service will be as follows:

  • Tokyo Express 21W12 and Seoul Express 27E12

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our improved Mediterranean Gulf Express (MGX) service.

Stay tuned for more upcoming information. For any additional information about this new product please contact your local Hapag-Lloyd office.

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Liner Services

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