Luanda, Angola

Postal Address


Department Function Name Phone
Sales Manager Marco Ligeiro +244 933 532561
Sales Execution and Coordination Matondo Daniel +244 930 260467
Sales Business Dev't and Coordination Zuo Lili +244 941 059141
Sales Execution and Coordination Flavio Tomas
Customer Service Export Documentation [email protected] +244 944 307144
Customer Service Booking [email protected] +244 944 307144
Customer Service Shipping Instrictions and Draft BL amendment [email protected] +244 944 307144
Customer Service Import [email protected] +244 940 327278
Customer Service Counter (Delivery Order & OBL Release) [email protected] +244 937 169372
Customer Service Manager Luis Ricardo Araujo +244 935 149292
Operations Manager Rui Meireles Pereira
Operations Port Terminal Operations Afonso Prenda
Operations Port Terminal Operations Joao Diogo
Operations PTO & Transshipment Agostinho Paim
Operations Transshipment Vladmir Tchissingui
Operations Equipment, MNR & Transport Paulo Cecilia
Operations Equipment, MNR & Transport Jose Ingles
Business Administration HR Manager Paula Matos Graca
Business Administration Finance & Admin Manager Raul Fonseca
Business Administration Country Manager Marc Smulders
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