Xiamen, China

Department Function Name Phone
Management Office Manager Tina ZENG +86 59 22267-707
Sales Sales Execution-NVO Vertical Sunny ZHENG +86 592 2267-720
Sales Sales Execution-NVO, Africa Vertical Cathryn Lee +86 592 2267-697
Sales Sales Execution-Global Accounts Vertical, Key Accounts Vertical William Zeng +86 592 2267-699
Sales Sales Coordination-Retail, BCO, Reefer, Special Cargo Vertical Connie Cheng +86 592 2267-725
Sales Sales Coordination-Global Accounts Vertical, Key Accounts Vertical, NVO Vertical, Africa Vertical Clare Jiang +86 592 2267-973
Operations and Equipment Operations and Equipment [email protected]
Customer Service Export Booking, Export Documentation and Import Handling [email protected]
Customer Service Counter Counter Issues Counter Issues +86 592 2267706
Customer Solution Customer Solution Cherry Chen
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