One million dry container monitoring devices installed!

On Tuesday, January 16th 2024, we recorded 1 millionth installation on our dry container fleet in less than 1.5 years. Maintaining the first-mover advantage in the industry, we commit to setting a new standard of operational efficiency and service quality for our customers.

Looking back

In early 2022, we decided to equip our entire dry container fleet. We embarked on this journey together with our technology providers ORBCOMM and Nexxiot. Multiple certifications, field testing, consulting with experts and education on technological advancements enabled the design of a state-of-the-art device as well as a simple and effective 1-minute-installation process.

Starting off the depot onboarding campaign in Europe in late Q3/2022, depots in other Regions followed in subsequent months while device production ramped up. Today, installations are performed globally in numerous depots and terminals with the target to equip every eligible container passing through.

Looking ahead

With the majority of the fleet equipped, we are ready to explore and validate the operational benefits and have already started using the data for first use cases. We now have more insights into our own business than ever before. This enables us to make data driven decisions that help us reduce costs while driving quality up.

On the commercial side, we are gearing up for the mass-rollout of the customer product. Various teams are working on ensuring that the product will meet our customers’ needs while having a seamless interface. The go-live is planned within the first half of 2024, we will keep you updated with latest information on this.

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