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China Australia Taiwan Service (CAT) – New Service Rotation

To meet the demand of the changing market and with the aim to provide more competitive transit time and better port coverage, during the month of October 2020 (week 43), we as one of the five vessel operators are pleased to announce improvements to our China Australia Taiwan Service (CAT).

The new service rotation of our CAT service will be as follows:

Current Routing

Shekou ▪ Kaohsiung ▪ Sydney ▪ Melbourne ▪ Brisbane ▪ Kaohsiung

New Routing

Shekou ▪ Kaohsiung ▪ Melbourne ▪ Sydney ▪ Brisbane ▪ Kaohsiung

The new rotation of our CAT service is scheduled to commence as follows:


MV “YM Success” (Voyage 152S)

  • ETA Shekou, China on October 22, 2020


MV “YM Success” (Voyage 152N)

  • ETA Melbourne, Australia on November 05, 2020

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Liner Services

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