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Price Announcement for PSS – From Italy to Caribbean, Central America and West Coast South America

Please be aware that as of December 8, 2020 or with the sailing of M/V “SEASPAN LAHORE” Voyage No. 01W50 (MGX Service) respectively M/V “LONG BEACH EXPRESS” Voyage No. 02W50 (MPS Service), we will apply a Peak Season Surcharge (PSS) for all dry cargoes from Italy to all destinations in the Caribbean, at Central America and at the West Coast of South America as follows:

Peak Season Surcharge for all Dry Cargoes (all type of Standard and Special Container)

  • 50 Euro per TEU (Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit)

To Puerto Rico, Colombia and Ecuador the PSS will be effective January 08, 2021 only.

You will notice that this surcharge gives us the chance to continuously offer you the service quality you are used to when booking with us.

The implementation of the PSS for Dry and Special Container (except Reefer Container) is based on the current logistical and operational challenges we do face in both Regions and valid until further notice.

Ocean Tariff rates are subject to the following conditions and surcharges:

Validity: until further notice
Scope definition please click here
Commodity please click here
Bunker related charges please click here
Security related charges please click here
Terminal Handling Destination please click here

Local charges and Contingency charges may apply in addition.

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