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Shipping within Asia? Get ready for a new port coverage with our VIS service!

Exciting news! From April 2023, a new service with a flexible port coverage will be available in Asia. With your cargo planning in mind, we have improved the direct connections in our Intra Asian network with our new Vietnam Indonesia Straits (VIS) Service. This new service will replace our VNF and SPL services by combining the benefits with a direct coverage between Port Kelang, Malaysia and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

For your reference, here’s the updated rotation:

  • Cat Lai, Vietnam --> Singapore, Singapore --> Port Kelang, Malaysia --> Belawan, Indonesia --> Penang, Malaysia --> Port Kelang, Malaysia --> Singapore, Singapore --> Cat Lai, Vietnam

Thinking about your cargo planning, please find below the first vessel that will use this new rotation, including vessel name, voyage, estimated time of departure (ETD), port name and corresponding week:

Vessel / Voyage ETD Port Week
Cat Lai Express V.001E April 6, 2023 Singapore, Singapore 14

For your reference, please find below the last VNF and SPL sailings, including service name, vessel name, voyage, estimated time of departure (ETD), port name and corresponding week:

Service Vessel / Voyage ETD Port Week
VNF Cat Lai Express V.072N March 23, 2023 Singapore, Singapore 12
VNF Cat Lai Express V.072S April 2, 2023 Cat Lai, Vietnam 13
SPL Sevillia V.044N March 28, 2023 Singapore, Singapore 12
SPL Sevillia V.044S April 1, 2023 Penang, Indonesia 13

To assist your cargo planning, you can use our vessel tracker to view our vessels' latest Estimated Times of Arrival and Departure. If you have questions concerning the above changes, please contact our customer service team at your location, who will be happy to guide you based on your individual situation.

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