North America - Regional HQ (Customer Service, Operations & Finance), USA

Département Fonction Nom Téléphone
Customer Service Shipping Instructions, BL / SWB Drafts Documentation +1 855 227-4612
Customer Service IMDG Submission IMDG +1 855 227-4612
Customer Service Exports / Imports / Documentation Inquiries Customer Service +1 855 227-4612
Customer Service Merchant Haulage at Inland Ramps MH Inland Ramps +1 855 227-4612
Intermodal Trucking Issues Trucking Inquiries +1 855 227-4612
Intermodal Port Rail and Export Rail Rail Inquiries +1 855 227-4612
Customer Service Senior Vice President Nemmara Subramanian +1 678 808-4888
Human Resources Employment Verifications Payroll +1 855 227-4612

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All above mailboxes work outside of the Long Beach office.  For assistance with Long Beach inquiries please click here.

Please make sure to include your HL Shipment/Booking Number and/or full BL number in the subject line of your email inquiry.

When calling us over the phone we strongly recommend to enter your Shipment/Booking Number or Case Number in order to quickly direct you to the right team.

For the latest operational news, please visit our Regional Operational Updates

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